Tutorial - How to backup your Brushes in Photoshop Drucken
Geschrieben von: EMPERAA   
Donnerstag, 24. September 2009 15:59

I hear many People saying, they lost their Brushes, Patterns, Actions or Shapes after crashing Photoshop or their Harddisk. Well, I will show you, how to backup your Brushes etc. and load them again, if you are having Problems with your Installation. After reading this "Tutorial", you will never have to ask or search for Solutions. You can use this Way for creating and releasing your own Brush-Packs, too.

So, have Fun with it :

01 //Open a new Document in Adobe Photoshop. The Size of the Document doesn't matter. Just create it.
02 //Now choose the Brush-Tool and click the right Mouse-Button on your Document. Click on the Arrow showing to the 
 Right. After that, click on "Save Brushes".
03 //A new Window will open now. Choose the Place, where you want to save your Backup, name it "Backup" or 
 something else and click on "Save".
04 // If you want to load your Backup, click on "Load Brushes".
05 //I know, that the Screenshots are from the german Version of Photoshop, but it will work for the English Version of 
 Photoshop, too. If you have any Questions, feel free to contact me.