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Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2009 15:58

Neat Image is an Image-Filter to reduce Noise and Grain in photographic Images produced by Digital Cameras and Scanners. It is indispensable in Low-Light (Indoors, Night, No-Flash, Astro) and High-Speed (Sport, Action, Children) Photography.


  • Neat Image provides the most accurate noise reduction currently available
  • Neat Image efficiently reduces noise of the following types:
    • high ISO noise in digital camera images
    • film grain in scanned film and prints
    • JPEG artifacts and more
  • Neat Image is currently available as:
    • standalone application  //  (32-bit; Windows)
    • plug-in for Photoshop  //  (32-bit; Windows)
    • plug-in for Photoshop  //  (64-bit; Windows) - updated
    • plug-in for Photoshop  //  (Intel and PowerPC; Mac OSX)
    • plug-in for Aperture  //  (Intel and PowerPC; Mac OSX)


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