Tutorial - How to create a Favicon for your Website Drucken
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Sonntag, 09. August 2009 02:15

Well, in this Tutorial i will tell you, how to create a Favicon for your Website. There are several Ways to create one, but I will show you only 2 Ways. You will need Adobe Photoshop or a similar Application to create your personal Favicon.

So, here we go :

01 //Create a new Document in Adobe Photoshop with 16x16 Pixel and rename it to "favicon".
02 //If you already have a Logo, open that File, resize it and pull it into that new Document.
03 //Adjust the Resolution of your Logo to fit in that new Document with 16x16 Pixel.
04 //Save it as a PNG / JPEG / GIF on your Harddisk. I prefer PNG, because that Images have a better
 Quality compared to the other Filetypes.
05 //
Now, we have two Choices to create our "Favicon" :
 A // There is a Plugin for Adobe Photoshop, that allows you to open and save Files in the ICO-Format (
 Icons ). Visit this Link to download the free Plugin. Remember, we are not responsible for Damages on
 your Hardware, Software or mental Disorders ;-), so read the Instructions on that Website carefully. After
 installing that Plugin, you are able to save your "favicon.png" in the ICO-Format. Upload it to your
 Webspace via FTP and overwrite the original favicon.ico with yours. Clear the Cache and delete the
 Cookies of your Webbrowser ( for example, Mozilla Firefox ) to see the Results.
 B // Upload your "favicon.png" to this Website and click on the "Generate FavIcon.ico-Button" to create
 your Favicon.
 Save it on your Harddisk and extract the ZIP-File to open your "favicon". Upload it to your 
 Webspace and reload your Website to see the Results.
06 //Have Fun with your new Favicon!